Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NeLLinks | Veggies List | Specials 5/4/2011

Dear Valued Customers,

As always, we bring you the goodness of fresh vegetables. Please enjoy the following this week at a nowhere else variety and at low price! This is the right season to enjoy Mango. Do not forget to pick up some mangoes today! We have both Haden and Atulfa!

Special :
Indian spinach (Pasalai Keerai), Parwal and Dosakai are available this week (Limited quantities!)

Veggies of the Week:
White Radish (Muli; mullangi) with leaves
Bitter Gourd
Egg Plant
Long Beans
Squash (
Surai; Lauki; Dudhi)
Indian Spinach
Mint Leaves
Chinese Okra (Peerku; Beerakka; Turia)
Red Onion
Ginger fresh
Green chilli

and your favorite Mangoes!

It Is OK to Be Spicy!
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One mango a day supports good vision

Mango for Dinner and Dessert