Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Are Open Now !!

Dear Friends, 

Opened: The long awaited Nelli Grocery is now open to serve the needs of Charleston Indian/South Asian community. We could not inform many of you about our inaguration. We ourselves were not sure if we would be able to open it on Sunday. Finally everything went well and we are open now. 

What we sell: We carry a large number of spices, pulses, grams, grains and flours from various famous brands, including Nirav, Deep, Shan, Parampara, Laxmi, Pillsbury... you name it. In addition, we have fresh vegetables as well. These include bottle guard, snake guard, egg plant, tindora, mint, methi leaves, okra, chilli and other seasonal vegetables. If you dont find what you need, we will try our best to get it for you. 

About this blog: In this blog we will try to provide information about the new items that we receive and our special offers. This blog will also serve as a medium to express your views on our service. Our aim is to make your shopping experience homely at Nelli Grocery. 

Where are we located: 1901 Ashley River Road (Highway 61), West Ashley, Charleston, SC 29407. Telephone: 843-225-4111.

See you soon at Nelli Grocery !


  1. Nice, clean and tidy Indian grocery store. Located conveniently. Owners are friendly and even take interest in your request to bring any item that they don't have. Highly recommended!

  2. Thank you Anonymous, for the nice words!

  3. Thank you Anonymous (second one!), for the comment. We are sorry that you feel that way. But it would be nice if you could let us know the reasons so that we can improve our service.

  4. Store with a different approach. Reaches people by e-mails and has a 'wish-list' that one can specify any items that they do not carry -and they can bring in a week or two later. Price are sometimes higher than one would find in Atlanta or NC, but instead of driving four to five hours it is better to pay a little more when everything is available here in Charleston.